The Journal of the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry is a peer-reviewed research and educational journal for those interested in sharing technical data and for those wishing to expand their knowledge of swimming pool chemistry and other aspects of aquatics, facility maintenance, and the evaluation of new products.

The JSPSI was published originally from 1995 to 2004, in hard copy and available by subscription. Those issues (Volumes 1 through 5) are now being provided here online, together with later intermittent issues released as articles are presented and available.

JSPSI – Published Articles

Spring 2023

JSPSI Volume 6 Number 2 – Spring 2023

Cyanuric Acid Requirement Versus Free Chlorine in Pool WaterStanley R. Pickens, Ph.D.

Softening Pool Water Through Calcium Carbonate Precipitation and Removal – 
Que Hales, Doug Latta and Kim Skinner

An Update on the Cause of Swimming Pool Plaster Efflorescence (Calcium Nodules) – 
Que Hales, Doug Latta and Kim Skinner

Spring 2019

JSPSI Volume 6 Number 1 – Spring 2019

Relative Effects of pH and Cyanurate on Disinfection – Stanley R. Pickens, Ph.D.

The Relative Effect of Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate on Increasing Alkalinity and pH in Pool Water – Kim Skinner

Effects of Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Stabilizer) on Swimming Pool Plaster Surfaces – Presley Kirkland Mitchell

Volume 5 Number 2

Bromine Derivitives of Cyanuric Acid – John A. Wojtowicz

Swimming Pool and Spa Chemical Safe Storage and Shipping Temperatures – John A. Wojtowicz

Volume 5 Number 1

Application of the Ct Concept for Determining the Disinfection of Microorganisms in Water – Benjamin D. Tanner and Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D.

Effect of Cyanuric Acid on Swimming Pool Maintenance – John A. Wojtowicz

Sanitizer and Oxidizer Product Information Summaries – John A. Wojtowicz

Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemical Adjustments – John A. Wojtowicz

The Total Dissolved Solids Contributions of Various Swimming Pool and Spa Balancing Compounds – Kim Skinner

Volume 4 Number 2

Cyanuric Acid Technology – John A. Wojtowicz

Factors Affecting the Cyanuric Acid Concentrations in Swimming Pools – John A. Wojtowicz

Oxidation of Cyanuric Acid with Hypochlorite – John A. Wojtowicz

A Critique of the Dow Whitney Report – Que Hales, Doug Latta and Kim Skinner

Volume 4 Number 1

Survey of Swimming Pool/Spa Sanitizers and Sanitation System – John A. Wojtowicz

Chemistry of Nitrogen Compounds in Swimming Pool Water – John A. Wojtowicz

Use of Ozone in the Treatment of Swimming Pools and Spas – John A. Wojtowicz

The Carbonate System in Swimming Pool Water – John A. Wojtowicz

Volume 3 Number 2

New Plaster Start–up Chemistry Using Sodium Bicarbonate – Kim Skinner, J. Que Hales and Doug Latta

Calcium Nodules – Kim Skinner and J. Que Hales

The Viability of Fiberglass as a Pool Surface Alternative – Richard Dietz

Swimming Pool Water Buffer Chemistry – John A. Wojtowicz

Volume 3 Number 1

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 5: Factors Affecting Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate – John A. Wojtowicz

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 6: Applicability of the Langelier Saturation Index to Swimming Pools – John A. Wojtowicz

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 7: A Revised and Updated Saturation Index Equation – John A. Wojtowicz

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 8: The Thermodynamic Basis of the Saturation Index – John A. Wojtowicz

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 9: Corrections, Potential Errors, and Significance of the SI – John A. Wojtowicz

Volume 2 Number 2

Reevaluation of Chloroisocyanurate Hydrolysis Constants – John A. Wojtowicz

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part Part 4: Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential – John A. Wojtowicz

1996 Application Guidelines for Commercial Pools and Spa Pools Corona Discharge Systems – DEL Industries

Volume 2 Number 1

Stability of Swimming Pool/Spa Sanitizers: Comparative Chemical Stability of Polyhexamethylene Biguanide and Hypochlorous Acid – Michael J. Unhoch, Roy D. Vore, Ph.D., and Peter S.K. Lee, Ph.D.

To DIN or not to DIN: Ozonation of Pool Water in Public and Commercial Swimming Pools – Wolfram Hartwig, Ph.D.

Relative Bactericidal Effectiveness of Hypochlorous Acid and Chloroisocyanurates – John A. Wojtowicz

Volume 1 Number 3

Outbreaks Caused by Giardia and Cryptosporidium Associated with Swimming Pools – Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D. and Peter Gerba

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 3: Factors Affecting Loss of Carbon Dioxide – John A. Wojtowicz

The Post–application Determination of Cement:Aggregate Ratios in Swimming Pool and Spa Plaster – J. Que Hales

Effect of Recreational Water Sanitizers on Swimwear – Comparative Effect of Polyhexamethylene Biguanide and Chlorinated Pool Water on Swimwear – Michael J. Unhoch and Roy D. Vore, Ph.D

A Field Evaluation of the Bi–Polar Oxygen Sanitation System / Mineral Purification System – Don Hafer

Volume 1 Number 2

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 2: Factors Affecting the Calcium Carbonate Saturation Index – John A. Wojtowicz

The Addition of Muriatic Acid: Results and Implications of Using Varied Methods of Muriatic Acid Application in Swimming Pool Water – Kim Skinner and Que Hales

Calculations for Spa Volumes – Robert W. Lowry

“Interesting Questions” – Ben Powell

Interference in Melamine–based Determination of Cyanuric Acid Concentration – Doug Latta

Volume 1 Number 1

Swimming Pool Water Balance Part 1: Cyanuric Acid and Alkalinity – John A. Wojtowicz

Dosages for Adjusting Alkalinity – Kim Skinner and Que Hales

Portable Swimming Pool Reverse Osmosis Systems – C. Brent Cluff, Ph.D.

Chemistries of Ozone for Municipal Pool and Spa Water Treatment – Rip G. Rice

Terminology of Cement Phenomena – John Dongell

Terry Tamminen’s The Professional Pool Maintenance Manual – Tom Hickey