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Acid Column Myth
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Bicarb Start-ups
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Start-up Chemistry Experiment
Acid Start-ups

Who is onBalance?

onBalance is a consulting group comprised of Que Hales, Doug Latta and Kim Skinner. Our "day jobs" involve owning and running swimming pool chemical, cleaning and repair services, as well as some remodel contracting (see our individual bios at the links on the left of this page).

As onBalance we have three primary interests: Research into swimming pool water chemistry and plaster issues, teaching about our research at trade shows and association meetings, and providing consulting and expert witnessing services as needed.

How successful have we been? Take a look at the link to the right listing some of our accomplishments. And if you would like to take a look at some of the handouts from our trade show classes, they are linked to the left as well.

The following items on this page are some of the research, investigations, and issues we have been involved in. We hope you find something of interest, and encourage you to email us if you have further questions.


This is more information on the Etching Study that was co-financed by the San Fernando Valley Chapter of IPPSA and reported on in the February 15, 2003 issue of Service Industry News.

Soft Spots (sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Spot Etching"

New Plaster Start-up Chemistry - the "Bicarb Start" Method

the start-up chemistry e-mail update series

Here is a method for starting up new plaster pools without any plaster dust!

New Plaster: When to Turn the Water On

Here is a reprint of the "Fill Delay" article we provided to Service Industy News.

Calcium Nodules

Here is a bulletin on calcium nodules

Issues Involving the Use/Abuse of Calcium Chloride as a Set Accelerator in Pool Plaster

onBalance Dosage and Volume Calculation Methods

National Plasterers Council and its Member's Research Projects

This section contains our observations and review of the NPC, its member companies, and thier research 'track record'.

The Arizona Test Pool

The Pasadena Test Pool

The Joint NPC/NAGC Alkalinity Coupon Research Project

Interestingly, the NPC now suggests that all past in-house experiments investigating the cause of pool spotting have conflicting results, and that nothing can be learned from them.

Now they insist that all research has to be third party and independent. Now they are spending and asking for thousands of dollars from industry for research that is primarily focusing on aggressive water as causing deterioration. Of course "aggressive water" causes deterioration! No one has ever said that it doesn't. But why would that be the focus of an expensive research study?

The NPC/Cal Poly Research - Phase 1

The NPC Technical Manual and Plaster Soft Spots

Other Subjects of Interest (to us...)

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