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Curriculum Vitae - Kim Skinner


Kim Skinner began work in the pool industry, first as a service technician and then as an employee and eventually manager of Skinner Swim Pool Plastering, Inc. of Sun Valley, California. He later became president of Pool Chlor, a chemical service firm with offices throughout the Southwest. He has worked in the swimming pool industry for 40 years.

Mr. Skinner has performed both laboratory and field research on pool water chemistry and on the relationships between water chemistry and pool plaster surfaces. He has developed novel processes for swimming pool chemical treatment, including the bicarbonate start-up method for new plaster pools.


He is the co-author of several technical reports on swimming pool water chemistry and plaster phenomena, which have been featured in the trade press. He has also authored material published in the Journal of the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry, a peer-reviewed research journal. These articles have included:

- "Dosages for Alkalinity" (with Que Hales) - JSPSI V1N1 pp. 14-20

- "The Addition of Muriatic Acid: Results and Implications of Using Varied Methods of Muriatic Acid Application in Swimming Pool Water" (with Que Hales) - JSPSI V1N2 pp. 16-30

- "New Plaster Start-up Chemistry Using Sodium Bicarbonate (with Que Hales and Doug Latta) - JSPSI V3N2 pp. 12-20

- "Calcium Nodules" (with Que Hales) - JSPSI V3N2 pp. 21-26

- "New Plaster Start-up Chemistry Using Sodium Bicarbonate (with Que Hales and Doug Latta) - NSPI Symposium Proceedings Volume 2 1997 pp. 34-41

- "A Critique of the Dow Whitney Report" (with Que Hales and Doug Latta) - JSPSI V4N2 pp. 29-41

- "The Total Dissolved Solids Contributions of Various Swimming Pool and Spa Balancing Compounds" JSPSI V5N1 pp. 57-59


Mr. Skinner is a co-author of the Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine Bleach) Pool Applicator Study Guide, published by the Swimming Pool Water Treatment Professionals.

Mr. Skinner has been a speaker and panelist at various trade conventions, including the Western Pool and Spa Show, and annual conventions of the Swimming Pool Water Treatment Professionals and the National Plasterers Council. He is also involved with the National Spa and Pool Institute, the Chlorine Institute, and the American Concrete Institute.


Mr. Skinner is a voting member of the American Concrete Institute's Committee 524 - "Portland Cement Plastering".

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